Michael Greenway - Professional Photographer

Michael Greenway – Professional Photographer

I first became interested in capturing images at the age of 8 when whilst away on summer holiday near Great Yarmouth with my parents I chose a simple Kodak fixed lens camera over toys. This interest was the start of it all !

Then whilst at Technical College in the 1970’s my then girlfriend suggested that I take an elective study one afternoon per week in photography. This included the theory of image taking, practical assignments with an old Zorki Rangefinder fixed lens camera and then darkroom development of the subsequent results. Some of these were hit and miss. But as a result my parents bought me the latest Canon AE1 as my 18th Birthday present.

Many years were spent using Canon equipment with the AE-1 and the A-1 film cameras and both became the mainstay of my amateur photographic endeavours. Many thousand images were shot on 24 or preferably 36 exposure cartridges either colour or Black and white.

It was not until 2003 that I started my relationship with digital photography and this was with a Fuji Bridge camera, with the aim of finding out what digital was about and learning a changing art of photography. Then 5 years later after being made redundant after the company I was Transport Operations Manager for was taken over and asset stripped (all blamed on the Economic Downturn) that I decided to turn Semi-professional and purchased my first DSLR.   This being the Olympus E Pro System (after some 30 years of Canon) as it offered the flexibility and quality of imagery that I was looking for.

Over the years I have continued to investigate other photographers and visit exhibitions and have been influenced by photographers such as Edwin Smith, Elliot Erwitt, Nigel Snowdon and an array of Magnum members.